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About First Bottle

Hey there! Thanks for clicking “about us” —— makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. First Bottle is a “sister site” to the much-loved and wildly popular one-wine-per-day site we started in 2011 called Last Bottle.

We discovered that people who loved our picks at Last Bottle needed a place to buy MORE of their favorite wines and perhaps browse other similar wines as they voyage into the ambrosial world of vinous deliciousness. So we built FIRST BOTTLE. Same buying team who buys for Last Bottle, same ridiculously high standards on quality and price, same warehouse and crack shipping team, same FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 6+ bottles, just more to check out! Plus a few special things we particularly love that we think you will, too.

We are located in the verdant and wine-soaked Napa Valley and run by three friends and partners (and a host of amazing employees) that have been in the wine industry for far too long. We’re fortunate (and proud!) to be very well connected to hundreds of wineries, brokers, distributors and importers all over the planet that we have spent decades building trust with. We’re also damn fine tasters, if we do say so, having done it professionally most of our adult lives, and wine quality is first, always. You’ll see a lot of big names you know, older vintages, collectibles, and just plain cool stuff, along with all manner of awesome “daily drinkers” in every price range from every major wine region. We taste roughly 55,000 wines a year —— and are very focused and adept at picking the winners.

As longtime wine drinkers, collectors, and members of the global wine trade, we’re particularly good at finding deals, which we pass on to beautiful people like you ASAP. There’s no fancy offices in Manhattan, sculptures in the lobby, pool tables or anything that will prevent us from saving you more money. Just a big warehouse/office and lots of passionate people. We don’t give out our own “scores”, we use real, trusted, professional ones. We treat people like we expect to be treated — honest, fair, easy-going and transparent. Mostly, we are totally stoked to bring you incredible juice at the best prices obtainable, every day. Give us a shot — you’ll see what tens of thousands of our regular clients dig so much!

** Oh, and FOOD+WINE says Last Bottle is #1 for wine deals, too. Read it!