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Cultivar Bordeaux Blend Napa Valley 2019  - First Bottle

Technical Details

  • BlendCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot
  • WinemakerJulien Fayard
  • CountryUS
  • RegionCalifornia
  • Sub-RegionNorth Coast
  • AppellationNapa Valley
  • Farming MethodOrganic & Sustainable Practices
  • Alcohol14.3%
  • Production291 cases

Cultivar Bordeaux Blend Napa Valley 2019

Bordeaux Blends  |  US

Organic & Sustainable Practices
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Under the tireless efforts of championed 100-point winemaker Julien Fayard, Cultivar crafts small-lot wines of the most brilliant expression to represent the distinct characteristics of several California wine appellations. The term “cultivar” means a variety of plants that have been specifically chosen based on certain desirable qualities – an ever-appropriate moniker for a brand of this caliber, and, if we may, fitting for the cult following these wines and their creator have acquired. This limited-production 2019 Bordeaux Blend is a full-bodied beast of a red wine, rich with red and black fruits and culminating in the silkiest of smooth finishes. A true wonder of practiced winemaking and exemplary fruit coming together for something near-magical and endlessly generous – you do not want to miss out on this!

Cultivar is more than just incredible wine – it’s a group of growers, vintners, curators, and stewards of the land who have been instrumental in the evolution of Napa Valley over the past 60-plus years. In the late 1950s, Caspar and Virginia Escher bought land in the Mayacamas Mountains, high above the Rutherford Bench on Whitehall Lane...but not to grow grapes or make wine. At least, not yet. Caspar was a man of the ranch – feeding cattle and riding horses, always with his black labs at his feet. Virginia tended to her fruit trees, herbs, and vegetable gardens – though their kids, Jody and Gingy, were intrigued by the booming wine industry and encouraged their parents to plant their first block of cabernet sauvignon in 2000.

A few years later, Cultivar Wine was launched to bring terroir-centric wines from the best California appellations to the market. Mostly selling their wares to farm-to-table restaurants across the country, Cultivar has created invaluable relationships with some of the best growers and winemakers across Napa Valley in order to produce their exceptional, award-winning wines. Now, they even have their own restaurant focused on fresh, seasonal fare in San Francisco’s Marina District to celebrate their love of great wine and food, with two more restaurants to come soon in the Bay.

This 2019 Bordeaux Blend is a mix of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and petit verdot pulled from several illustrious plots in Napa Valley, with only 291 cases produced. 2019 had heavy rain in the spring, helping to develop a solid cover crop that organically enriched the soil with extra nutrients. Harvest began in mid-August, through an unexpected heat spike followed by two days of light rain in mid-September, prompting growers to trim their canopies and improve air flow around the nearly ripe fruit. A mild end to the season was ideal to preserve the freshness and vibrancy of the grapes – which shines through in this red blend of immaculate proportions.

Deeply purple in the center fading to rich raspberry red around the edges, the wine emanates purple plum, black currant, red licorice, and subtleties of eucalyptus in its aromas. Continuing on the palate, these flavors deepen, with more dark fruit notes of bing cherries and blackberries with a smooth accouterment of cigar smoke, cinnamon, cardamom, and waves of sensual vanilla. Fruity, but never syrupy or jammy, and smooth as Caspar’s black labs’ ears, with a depth and richness you’ll want to dive into eternally – this is a sensational wine ready to be enjoyed with a variety of meals, occasions, and loved ones. We’ve got the best price you’ll find anywhere, and I’d strongly recommend getting at least a few bottles to cellar!

PAIRING IDEAS: There are the obvious contenders you know you could make alongside a big, bold Bordeaux...but what about something totally unexpected? Try a truffle Caesar salad – the bite of romaine lettuce with the earthiness of truffles and creamy, slightly acidic dressing will send your palate into overdrive as you sip this red beauty.

About the Producer

For over sixty years, Cultivar has been deeply rooted in the Napa Valley, embodying the spirit of growers, vintners, curators, and stewards of the land. Their estate features a winery, a restaurant, and a property that includes a vineyard, an ancient olive grove, an orchard, and a culinary garden. Their passion for cultivating their own food and wine is intricately woven into the growth of their business. Cultivar's mission is to share the unique bounty of their exceptional growing region by fostering a community of terroir-driven wine and food enthusiasts. They produce and curate small lot wines that capture the essence of the finest California wine appellations.