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Oat Hill Mine Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2016  - First Bottle

Technical Details

  • WinemakerScott Dale
  • CountryUS
  • RegionCalifornia
  • Sub-RegionNorth Coast
  • AppellationNapa Valley

Oat Hill Mine Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2016

Cabernet Sauvignon  |  US

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Micro-produced, pedigreed-vineyard Napa cabernet from a born-and-raised St. Helena native – that’s what you get with this 2016 Oat Hill Mine cabernet sauvignon. Its namesake doubles as a much-loved 8.3-mile hiking trail in Calistoga that covers a diverse and picturesque view of Napa’s lush vineyard landscape. These same grapes are meticulously sourced for Scott Dale’s cabernet – a prodigious and robust Napa cab that perfectly expresses a regional snapshot of the pristine 2016 vintage. Our wine-buying savants here at First Bottle were able to score an exceptional price of under $45, making this a premium opportunity to score an exquisite 2016 Napa cab at a simply stupendous price!

Oat Hill Mine is a scenic route that holds a tapestry of history – both for Napa Valley as a whole and for St. Helena local Scott Dale. The Calistoga hiking and mountain biking trail was first a road – started in 1873 but not completed for 20 years – that provided transportation for mine workers between Calistoga and the cinnabar and mercury mines. Access to the mines is closed off to the public today, but the trail has been preserved as a landmark and premiere hiking destination in Calistoga for visitors to experience panoramic views of Napa Valley and all its wondrous sights. For Scott, it’s the place where he proposed to his now-wife, battled wildfires as a heroic volunteer of the St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department, helped to restore the trailway system after the fires, and spotted the vineyards from which he would eventually source his beloved cabernet sauvignon grapes for his exceptional micro-production bottling.

As a Napa native, Scott spent about fifteen years working among some of the most prodigious cabernet sauvignon producers in the valley before he sought to launch his own project. Named after the trail that he holds close to his heart, his Oat Hill Mine cab is sourced from several top parcels in the volcanic soils of Howell Mountain’s Vaca Range and the alluvial soils winding from Pope Valley to Calistoga. Wine Spectator rated the 2016 vintage of Napa Valley cabernet sauvignons a whopping 98 points as a whole, showcasing just how illustrious the growing season proved to be that year.

The firefighter and avid outdoorsman has crafted something truly ablaze (sorry, I had to) with richness of character, depth, and complexity. Sold predominantly to restaurants and wine club members, the wine’s nose opens with a blue and black storm of fruits – blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, black currants – with a tinge of pencil graphite, wet cement, and aged leather. The brightness of the palate explodes with more berry fruits – this time of the red variety – of crushed raspberries, Bing cherries, and a touch of red plum with afternotes of powdered coriander, dried sage, dark chocolate shavings, and a lacing of lavender following up closely behind. The body is rich and weighty, with silky tannins, and a bright acidity that carries everything into a soft and seamless finish. Just a wonderfully classic, ripe, juicy, and polished Napa cab you’d be thrilled to fire up alongside any upcoming meal or occasion – especially at over 50% off winery retail price!

PAIRING IDEAS: Try your hand at a Thai fried chicken – take some bone-in, skin-on thighs, wings, and drumsticks, and season with a white peppercorn, garlic, and cilantro mash mixed with some fish sauce, soy sauce, and water to make a paste. Marinate for a few hours, throw into some hot oil until cooked through, and serve with a simple cabbage slaw for a remarkably crispy, zippy meal to balance out the bright, ripe notes in this Napa cab.

About the Producer

In the lively tapestry of Napa Valley, Scott Dale's journey from apprentice to vintner extraordinaire is nothing short of a tale worth toasting. After honing his craft alongside the titans of Cabernet, Scott was ready to carve his own path. And what better way to pay homage to his roots than with a micro-production Cabernet close to his heart? For Scott, Calistoga's Oat Hill Mine trail isn't just a hiking spot—it's a canvas of memories. From battling wildfires as a local hero with the St. Helena Volunteer Fire Department to popping the question to his sweetheart amidst its scenic wonders, every step along this trail tells a story. What was once a dusty mining road has transformed into a breathtaking path through Wine Country's finest. As you trek along, panoramic vistas of Napa Valley's lush vineyards unfold, painting a picture of the very grapes that grace Scott's wine. So lace up those hiking boots, raise a glass to adventure, and join Scott on a journey where every sip is infused with the spirit of perseverance, love, and the beauty of Napa Valley's rugged charm. Cheers to Scott Dale and the magic he bottles up in every drop!