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Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Bedrock Vineyard Sonoma Valley 2016  - First Bottle

Technical Details

  • BlendCabernet Sauvignon
  • CountryUS
  • RegionCalifornia North Coast
  • AppellationNapa Valley
  • Alcohol14.1%

Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Bedrock Vineyard Sonoma Valley 2016

Bordeaux Blends  |  US

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First Bottlers...welcome to Sleeper. This is our under-the-radar, in-house label where we take the sort of crazy, you-must-be-joking offers we get on the regular – thanks to our lifetime of drinking, partying, and selling wine to some of Napa’s, Sonoma’s (and beyond!) most revered and respected winemakers, grape growers, and GMs. More details below on the project...but this is an exclusive, small production cabernet sauvignon, from Sonoma’s historic Bedrock vineyard, that just so happened to have received a 91-94 Point score from a top critic. The winery’s price is $80 – but our “sleeper” price...a mind-melting $39.95!!!

We can’t name the winery or winemaker as part of this spectacular deal, but we can tell you this...BEDROCK VINEYARD! This historic vineyard was planted 150 years ago by two Civil War Generals – on the sloping foothills tumbling down from Napa’s Mount Veeder. Joel and Morgan Peterson bought the 152-acre parcel in 2005 and maintain old vine plots that go back over 120 years!

This wine shows a side to California cabernet that doesn’t make it out much into the world at large. More for us, we say! And for you, too! This is bright, fruit-driven, savory, minerally, and incredibly complex. In some ways, the spice profile matches a spry and lively southern Rhône red, in others, a cool climate Aussie cab. There is the minerality of old-school Bordeaux, with the meaty, gamey-ness of Cote Rotie. And yet, for all the excellent comparisons and benchmarks, it is a wine that is so uniquely its own. And we got some! Not much, sadly, but this is something that simply must be tasted to be believed.

The style of this cabernet is perfectly suited to the few extra years in bottle we got here, so this 2016 is absolutely purring right now!

Back to this idea of “Sleeper” for a minute – every now and again a primo winery finds themselves with 600 cases of a wine they only want to release 400 of… and that’s where we come in. We’re super-discreet, with a wine savvy clientele who tend to trust our judgment when it comes to great wines (right? Please say right). Anywho, we sign crazy complex NDAs, fight back and forth over what details we can share, and label the wine ourselves – to bring to you all at ludicrously low prices like this! It’s a partnership that works for everyone – especially those wise purchasers who go big – knowing that a wine like this, at a deal like we have today...might never come around again. So get it while it lasts!

About the Producer

If you’re wondering what the heck Sleeper even is…here’s our lawyer-approved description...What does a "cult" Napa Valley winery (think: $175 a bottle and up (way up), tiny production, famous winemaker, etc.) do when they make 400 cases of killer Cab but only want to release 200 cases? Well, they quietly call a friend....maybe someone in the wine biz that has been around the block a few times....someone....DISCREET. That’s US. We’re like Fort Knox over here. We created the Sleeper brand specifically to curate these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime type deals that occasionally come our way and we’re as picky and meticulous on selection as everything else we do. Just ask the thousands of happy people who know!