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First Bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is First Bottle?

First Bottle is the brainchild of several Napa Valley entrepreneurs and longtime experts in various arenas in the global wine business. First Bottle is a “sister site” to the much-loved and wildly popular one-wine-per-day site we started in 2011 called Last Bottle (lastbottlewines.com). We discovered that people who loved our picks at Last Bottle needed a place to buy MORE of their favorite wines and perhaps browse other similar wines as they voyage into the ambrosial world of vinous deliciousness. So we built FIRST BOTTLE. It’s the same buying team who buys for Last Bottle, same ridiculously high standards on quality and price, same warehouse and crack shipping team, same FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 6+ bottles, just more to check out! Plus a few special things we particularly love that we think you will, too.

Is Ground Shipping always free?

Yes! As long as you buy the minimum amount of 6 bottles (of anything, any price, mix and match off course), then the shipping is on us. This applies to anywhere we ship in the U.S., but excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

How long before I receive my wine?

During our regular shipping season, your order ships within 2-5 business days (oftentimes, even sooner!). If your order isn't received in 10 business days, please email us at shipping@firstbottlewines.com. In the summer months (typically May-October) we will hold your order (if you select HOLD at checkout) until the temperatures have lowered to a safe shipping temperature. This is for your benefit and the integrity of your wine! Heat is wine's worst enemy. Otherwise, we have summer shipping options available at checkout.

Can I order less than 6 bottles and consolidate it with another order to get free shipping?

Nope. Here's why -- First Bottle is all about "lean and mean" to keep prices as low as possible, and that means getting all orders out as fast as possible to your hot little hands. We ALWAYS give free shipping on 6+ bottle purchases. However, if you do order 3 bottles and want to ship those without free shipping, we offer some of the VERY LOWEST shipping rates in the USA. -- compare us to some of our competitors and you'll see it's true. So, it's pretty much a win-win whether you buy 2, 4 or 6+ bottles!

I want you to ship my wine ground mid-July in a heat wave. Can you?

Choosing the hold option during the summer months is always your best bet. But if you need that bottle now (trust me, we understand), your next best option is utilizing an ice pack (option for most states at checkout). Keep in mind, inclement weather can cause popped corks, leakage, and major damage. Even an ice pack will give out within a couple days transit in high temps, so keep that in mind when choosing your shipping/hold method on the checkout page.

The hold option will keep your wine in our temp controlled warehouse until the weather cools (typically our heat hold runs from May to October, with variation each year).

The wine that I want to order is no longer on the website. How do I order it?

Generally, if a wine is not on the website, we are sold out. But, there's always a possibility of a customer cancellation, or maybe we could get some more of it. Feel free to email us at first@firstbottlewines.com in the off chance we can get you some.

I want to order over the phone or through email. Can I?

Nope, sorry. All orders must be placed through the website. If you have special instructions, please enter them into the shipping notes box while placing your order. Please see the next question to understand why we do this.

Why can’t I call or drop by?

First Bottle is what we call "lean and mean." We run a tight ship with no frills, and that’s to keep prices down, and keep the deals coming. Being "email only" lets us consolidate our efforts and energy into doing just that.

It is too hot to ship now but I want to buy today's wine.

We can hold for up to two weeks during the regular shipping season, and for an extended period of time during the summer season. If you have a specific ship date, choose a shipping option at checkout, and put your requested ship date in the shipping notes box. If you want to hold for the summer and ship in the fall when temps cool, choose the hold option at checkout.

How do I return a defective product?

Just email us at first@firstbottlewines.com! We stand behind every bottle we sell, and we know that sometimes you can get a bad bottle (just like with a dozen eggs or a dozen oysters, right?). If you feel you have a bad bottle, please let us know via email, and we'll take care of it as best we can.

Can I use a faster shipping method?

Yes. We offer Overnight and 2 Day Air at reduced costs to most states. Wine is heavy and the cost to ship faster is expensive, but as always, we will quote you the lowest price we can.

Do you insure your shipments?

You are automatically opted into shipping insurance at checkout. It is 1% of the subtotal, and will cover you in case of loss or damage in transit. If you do not want this protection, you may deselect the 'Shipping Insurance?' box at checkout.

What if the shipment is lost or damaged?

Email us at shipping@firstbottlewines.com! We always recommend adding shipping insurance when placing a new order. If shipping insurance was added to your order and the package has been lost or damaged, you are fully covered. We can issue a credit card refund or a store credit for the purchase. Alternatively, if the wine is still available, we would be happy to send a replacement package. Without shipping insurance, we can only reimburse you through a store credit.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do NOT accept checks or money orders.

Can I send my order as a gift?

Of course! Who doesn't like wine as a gift? Just enter a message in the gift message section at checkout, and we'll send it along, making sure NOT to include an invoice.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

We don't have physical gift certificates, but you are welcome to purchase gift credits to put into another account. Just email us at first@firstbottlewines.com to set this up!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your order for whatever reason, please email us at first@firstbottlewines.com! Credit cards are charged immediately upon purchase, so a refund would show as a new line item a few days later. You may be subject to a 3% refund fee (email for details). (The separate shipping fee, if applicable to your order, is non-refundable for packages that have left our facility.) If you would like to receive First Bottle credits instead, we can put the entire amount in your account for a future purchase.

How do I talk to a live person?

We are online only, but we tend to respond rather quickly! If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email (first@firstbottlewines.com), as we keep all correspondence in writing.

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